Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Thank you for your support! All gifts for members of MyHolo TV should be sent to the following address, please ensure you do not bring the gift directly to the address in person as only delivery is accepted.


Gift For: (Talent's Name)

Mail Boxes Etc

SUITE #035


D1-0-3 Block D1

Jalan 1/152 OUG Parklane

58200 Kuala Lumpur


  • Fan mails
  • Message cards/boards
  • Items directly ordered from e-commerce sites
  • Other types of gifts for special occasions or events can be accepted, please stay tuned for such announcements in the future on our official Discord and Twitter.

  • Second-hand/used/opened items, excluding fan mails and message cards/boards
  • Living, raw, or perishable items, including animals, fresh flowers, and food
  • Handmade items, excluding fan mails and message cards/boards
  • Currencies, such as cash, coupons, gift cards, etc
  • Dangerous/illegal goods, such as weapons, drugs, toy/model guns, etc
  • Religious items, such as amulets, talismans, charms, etc
  • Items that may violate public order and moral, as well as laws and regulation
  • Any additional items outside of the ones listed above will be subjected to MyHolo TV’s discreet judgement

If you have any enquiries regarding acceptable gifts, please email to for clarification.

  • We may not be able to hand over the gifts to the talents immediately
  • Opened boxes will be counted as used/second-hand items
  • Items deemed unacceptable or found violating the rules and regulations will be disposed of immediately
  • We will not be responsible on the item’s status, please ensure to check the package’s status from the delivery sites on your own

Interesting facts about "MyHolo TV"

My = Belonging to Me
Holo = Hologram (also known as Virtual Youtuber)
TV = Eg. Television or broadcast station through social media (Youtube, Facebook, etc)

Yes, we are registered under Company Commission of Malaysia (SSM).


Company registration no: 202003149100 (IP0540757-K)

You can find our license at Company Commission of Malaysia.

Q: Are you accepting only female as VTuber?
A: No, we accept both male and female candidates. 

Q: I didn’t see any male VTuber in your agency, are you still looking for it?
A: Yes, we are looking for male candidates.

Q: Do I need to provide my own avatar in this audition?
A: No, you can use any dummy/self-made avatar in your video submission.

Q: I have my own existing VTuber character, what should I do?
A: If you are shortlisted, please notify us for further review.

Q: Do I need a proven track record for content distribution in social media? 
A: Yes, it will be a bonus point for us to evaluate it.

Q: Can I request a personal review or feedback on my submission?
A: No, we are not able to reveal any review from our review panels. 

Q: Are you using a pre-made VTuber character?
A: No, we develop a new design concept based on the candidate’s reference.

Q: How long will I get a response from MyHolo TV if I shortlisted?
A: Within 1 month from your submission date.