Liola Lightbringer

Liola Lightbringer

Liola Lightbringer

Character Lore

Liola Lightbringer lived a life of simplicity as a member of the Church of Theia until she was scouted by Aisyalam's Hero to join them in the conquest of the Demoness. After years and years of war, with the help of her trusty companions, Liola managed to seal off the last bits of Demoness's soul in her, ending the war once and for all.


Now that peace is in Aisyalam again, Liola seeks to relive her simple life once again. This was when a door that leads to the Tridoxa Cafe opened to her, showing her the new chapter of her retired life with her new besties, Karrot and Woozie.

Signature Quote:
"Light is up! Are you awake? Are you listening? Or, are you bedazzled?"

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More Details

Name: Liola Lightbringer リオーラ

Language: English, Chinese

Debut Date: 6 November 2022

Gender: Female

Age: 2X

Birthday: 7 March

Height: 155cm

Fanbase: LioNytes


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