Manaka Umio

Manaka Umio

Manaka Umio

It has been 6,000 years since Manaka Umio was imprisoned in a deep oceanic slumber for a crime that she has long forgotten. Feeling lonely upon her awakening, Manaka sings across the depths of the ocean in hopes that someone would come and rescue her. Her efforts prove fruitful as many sea critters approach her to be friends and a half-human, half-sea fairy family eventually adopts her after finding her. Manaka now lives on land with her newfound family, discovering the wonders of the human world. Finding a great fascination in the human world’s technology, she decides to become a VTuber to learn more about it.

Signature quote:

... Can you hear my voice from the ocean?

Graduation Date: 21 March 2021

More Details

Name: Manaka Umio 海音 まなか

Language: English

Debut Date: 19 Dec 2020

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Birthday: 14 March 

Height: 145cm

Fanbase: Manakins