Marica Bellerose

Marica Bellerose

Marica Bellerose

Marica Bellerose hails from a faraway land called Bruhen, where she grows up in a little town called Rosart. Due to her father's constant absence, her grandfather introduces her to a penpal to write to and she finds herself writing letters to a mysterious boy known to her as “R” ever since then. However, he mysteriously disappeared one day, leaving behind only a brooch and a message telling her that they would meet one day. With this in mind, she sets off on a journey to look for him. A governess by day, and VTuber by night, Marica is always dreaming of the day they would finally meet.

Signature quote:

࿐∗ˈ‧ 君のお望みなら・どこでも駆けつけます ࿐∗ˈ‧

Graduation Date: 21 March 2021

More Details

Name: Marica Bellerose ベレローセマリカ

Language: English, Japanese

Debut Date: 19 Dec 2020

Gender: Female

Age: 18

Birthday: 12 July 

Height: 165cm

Fanbase: Maristocrats