Virion Kisei

Virion Kisei

Virion Kisei

Character Lore:

Virion Kisei is a parasitic slime that had always wanted to be a human, or more specifically an idol and a singer. Unfortunately for him, his kind does not possess lungs, vocal cords, or even mouths to speak of. In his bid to fulfill his dream, he began traveling around the world for centuries to find the perfect host. Eventually, he came across a human city, and possessed a human being that had no acquaintances and relatives to speak of.

Coincidentally, the human he possessed also wished to be an idol but had long since given up on this dream due to circumstances. Virion, wishing to fulfill his host’s long lost dream eventually decided to become a Virtual YouTuber so that he could start from the basics and be connected with other fellow human beings, and to improve himself as an idol to eventually become the best idol, like his host wished to be.

Signature Quote:

Don't forget to hit me up if ya want me on you"

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More Details

Name: Virion Kisei 寄星 ビリオン

Language: English, French

Debut Date: 16 October 2021

Gender: Male

Age: 6841

Birthday: 16 April 

Height: 182 cm

Fanbase: Slives


Live2D: Momoiro Kohi