Woozie Wannai

Woozie Wannai

Woozie Wannai

Character Lore: 

Raised in an unruly neighborhood, Woozie Wannai grew to be tenacious and rebellious. While often misunderstood as a sukeban, she would often bring along her trusty bat for self-protection. A tough demeanor as well as having the strength to prove it has caused her to be feared among her peers.


Often misunderstood, Woozie whose personality was opposite of her tough demeanor was unable to be true to herself and make any true friends. During her first school trip, she became envious of the relationships that others around her age had. As if understanding her situation, a magical door appeared before her and invited her to Tridoxa Cafe, where new people for her to meet awaits.

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More Details

Name: Woozie Wannai 湾内ウージ

Language: English, French, Japanese (Learning)

Debut Date: 6 November 2022

Gender: Female

Age: 18

Birthday: 2 December

Height: 162cm

Fanbase: Woozlings

Illustrator: Risumi

Live2D: Yui